Family taster ski lesson at the Chill Factore, Trafford

None of us had been skiing before so this sounded like a fun adventure. We even took Grandad who caused great hilarity by accidently skiing backwards!

We were provided with everything we needed. We were given warm ski suits, gloves, helmets, boots and skis.

Then we met our friendly instructor who led us out onto the slope.

We were on the gentle smaller slope as we were all beginners and the instructor showed us the basics. We learnt to walk up the hill, stand properly and balance and ski down the hill. It was great fun!

The instructor was very patient and gave clear instructions that everyone could follow.

Taking a child with ASD for a ski lesson at the chill factore?

Your child would need to be able to follow instructions but you are able to participate and help them.

The instructor was incredibly patient with my son and explained things to him very clearly.

Snow is great for my son, it helps keep him calm so this was a good activity for us and gave a good opportunity for us to do something together.

If you think your child is not up to skiing maybe give the other activities a try instead. They have a great snow play area for adults and older children with slides and sledging. There is also a snow play area for little ones.

We did a one hour private taster ski lesson at the chill factore in Trafford, Manchester. You need to book a session before you get there. The chill factore website is:

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