The Forbidden Corner, Yorkshire.

The Forbidden Corner, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, is spread out over four acres of gardens. These aren’t ordinary gardens.  It is a magical place with surprises at every turn and tunnels, caves and follies to explore!

From the minute you start exploring it is an adventure where you find interesting things to look at. The gardens keep everyone entertained from young to old.

There are paths leading all over the place to explore. If you are lucky you can find a temple of the underworld, or even a huge glass pyramid.

Our favourite bits were the magic stepping stones along a river (be careful which ones you step on!) and the caverns.

You enter doorways, gates and take staircases up and down with no clue what you are going to find and everything you find is completely different to everything you have already seen.

We also loved the fact you are given a sheet of things to search for. You aren’t told where they are but that makes it more of an adventure!

Even the toilets in the car park are worth a visit but I will let you discover why for yourself!

The Forbidden Corner isn’t particularly suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs as there are a lot of steps and narrow paths.

I would advise to take spare clothes and shoes incase you get wet and muddy.

Taking a child with an ASD to The Forbidden Corner?

The nature of the place is that you discover things as you go round so telling a child what to expect would be quite difficult. You will be given a sheet with pictures of things to look for but it might be an idea to do a bit of research online before you go to find pictures to help prepare your child.

Avoid the cafe as can get busy. There is a picnic area. We ate in the car park before going in and took snacks.

The Forbidden Corner can get busy but as it is large it wasn’t very crowded when we went. However I have heard that if you are there at the same time as coach tours it is a lot busier all the way round.

When you book you are given an entry time but not an exit time so the earliest entry time will give you the least busy time.

Be aware that there are a couple of parts where a small child could fit through and an adult couldn’t!

There are areas that are inside and quite dark.

You don’t get a map as part of the fun is exploring and finding your way so if knowing where things are like toilets is important then it is worth asking for information at the entrance. Alternatively you can find members of staff walking round the attraction in high vis vests who will be able to point you in the right direction.

The Forbidden Corner can be found at: You need to book tickets in advance online or by ringing 01969640638.

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