Tree Top Nets, Manchester

Today we had great fun bouncing along netted walkways amongst the treetops into huge bouncy rooms filled with giant balls and slides down to the floor below! The children taking part in this adventure were 11, 13 and 13.

We were invited to try out Tree Top Nets in Manchester. It was a very wet day and we arrived just after a short thunder storm, slightly concerned we wouldn’t be allowed to play. We needn’t have worried as this activity is fine in the rain if you don’t mind getting wet!

On arrival we filled out the necessary forms, covered all non-removable jewellery with tape and tied up long hair before being led to a covered area for our safety brief.

The rules were clearly explained and once we all knew what we were doing we set off into the tree tops!

There is a netted walkway with rooms all the way round. It wasn’t too busy but even if there were more people, there was plenty of space and a one way system in place to avoid crashing.

The first room you come to is the under 7’s room with its very own slide. We missed this one out and went straight to the next one – the slide room! This room has 3 slides of varying lengths down to the ground. The kids braved the longer slide, I sat at the top and looked down before deciding on the medium sized slide!

The next room we found ourselves in was the small ball room which was connected to an empty bouncing room where we discovered that racing was highly amusing!

Next we went to the large ball room. This was the favourite for all of us! We had a lot of fun sitting on giant balls and throwing more giant balls at each other, playing dodge ball, volley ball and bouncing around.

We then ran round the whole walkway back to a room we had missed where 2 of the children managed to climb a net to the crow’s nest and slide back down.

There were staff members within sight at all times which was reassuring and they even joined in with some of our games!
After a lot more bouncing we were completely soaked through and bounced out!

We had a lot of fun on the Tree Top Nets and hope to be back soon to try out the Tree Top Trek!

Taking a child with an ASD to Tree Top Nets?

This is a high energy activity which involves bouncing, balls, slides and throwing yourself around!

My son loved it that much he asked if he could live there!

We went on a quiet day so there were very few people and no waits for slides but I can imagine if it got very busy there may be a queue for slides, although it won’t get too busy as it is number limited and spread out over a large area.

The instructions are relatively simple and explained well. You go one way round the walkways and you use a sack for the slides. If the whistle blows you stop and follow instructions and if you need help you shout. You are able to stay with and supervise your child.

You need to wear a wristband for this activity.

My son had a great time, wore himself out and fell asleep in the car on the way home!

Tree Top Nets, Manchester can be found at: It is advisable to book your two hour timeslot in advance as it can sell out at busier times.

We were guests of Tree Top Nets but all opinions are our own.

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