Shrek’s Adventure, London

Who could say no to 3 excited children asking to go to Shrek’s Adventure? Not me but then secretly I really wanted to go to far far away too!

We had pre-booked online but found we still had to queue when we got there and then wait for our adventure to begin.

First, we had our photo taken with a green background so some clever people could do some magic for later. Then we were shown to another queue! There was a lot to look at in this queue so it wasn’t too bad. Next we were shown to…another queue!

Once we had done with queueing it was finally our turn for the first part of the attraction and from this point onwards we had a great time!

We were each given 3D glasses and then we boarded a bus surrounded by screens. This magic bus adventure took us all the way to Shrek’s swamp where we disembarked and walked through to the next part of the story.

The attraction is best described as an immersive show. You travel through the story by walking from room to room where live actors put on shows. We went from the swamp to Rumplestiltskin’s carriage, The poison apple pub, a game show and through a very confusing but fun mirror maze to the muffin man’s house!

Our adventure ended in the Dreamworks arrival hall where Shrek was waiting to meet us along with his friends from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon! There were plenty of opportunity for photos in this area and the option to buy a photo book of our adventure with the magic pictures from earlier!

Taking a child with autism to Shrek’s adventure?

For us there was a very long wait to get in which left my son quite distressed, especially the small space before the photo at the beginning.
I have however found out since that if you do tell the staff and ask for help then they will chaperone you to the front of the queue to avoid the waiting!

Some of the shows are in smaller rooms which can feel a bit crowded but staff are always on hand so it would be possible to escape if needed.

None of the shows were too loud but my son did need his ear defenders at times.

The bit my son loved most was meeting the characters at the end.

Shrek’s Adventure can be found at: The whole experience lasts for around 75 minutes.

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