Top Ten Tesco Voucher Tips!

I do my main shop in Tesco and I buy petrol from Tesco so my clubcard vouchers add up. If you live in the UK and don’t have a Tesco clubcard I would definitely consider getting one. Here are my ten top Tesco voucher tips!

1. Consider not spending in store!

You get far more for your vouchers if you use them for day trips or short breaks than you do if you use them to buy in store. Often you can get £40 worth of vouchers for a day out for £10 worth of clubcard vouchers!

2. Use Tesco clubcard vouchers for holidays or breaks away! 

I get a third off the price of my Christmas break to Forest Holidays ( every year by spending my clubcard vouchers and have also got money off Butlins ( and a couple of caravan holidays. Clubcard vouchers can make short breaks more affordable!

3. Consider getting a Family and friends railcard! 

I bought my Family and Friends railcard entirely with Tesco Clubcard vouchers and it has saved me a lot of money using the train with my kids!

4. Activities in London!

If you are visiting London then there are an abundance of attractions you can pay for with Tesco Clubcard vouchers. It is worth checking before you go as your trip will be so much more affordable!

5. Day trips all over the country!

If you go to the Tesco Clubcard website you will find many day trips that vouchers will get you tickets for or money off. You can search by area to make it easier.

6. Make sure you plan ahead!

Some vouchers need to be posted out to you and some need to be purchased and then activities booked in advance so it is worth a bit of forward planning to get the best deals.

7. If you leave it to the last minute dont worry! 

There are some activities where the vouchers are instantly emailed to you so you can still use vouchers for some activities!

8. Some vouchers are interchangeable! 

If you are posted vouchers and not tickets then you can change your mind and use them for other activities or save them for a later date, just be careful to note the date on them and use them before they run out!

9. Don’t forget to use your clubcard at petrol stations!

If you buy a lot of petrol then your Clubcard points will add up!

10. Watch for expiry dates on your vouchers!

When you log into your account you can check your vouchers and see the expiry dates. Make sure you don’t lose out and use them in date order!

You can find more information on Tesco Club Cards and vouchers at

All opinions in this article are my own and I am in no way connected to Tesco, I just save a lot of money on days out using my vouchers and thought it may be useful to share.

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