Sapporo Teppanyaki

We were greeted warmly at the door and shown to our table. The tables are large, shared tables set out around two big hot plates. The chefs work in the middle and cook the food in front of you.

We all ordered Teppanyaki meals as these are the ones cooked on the grills which makes it more fun. We missed out the starters but I can tell you the ones we saw other people get looked delicious and were very generous portion sizes!
First the chef cooked the small round potato chips on the grill. When they were cooked he went round the table throwing the chips at everyone and encouraging them to “open your mouth” to catch them. We got more than one chance each and those who were successful got a round of applause. There was great hilarity around the table as chips ended up on laps, heads, the floor and even down someone’s top!

Next the chef did a short demonstration of his skills at Spinning, catching and throwing his cooking implements around before moving onto the eggs. Yes he did throw the eggs! He not only threw them, he expertly caught them, span them, balanced them and threw them into his hat!

Then an abundance of eggs were cracked onto one hot plate whilst a container full of fresh vegetable stir fry ingredients was emptied on to the other. The chef chop chop chopped the eggs, sending the pieces flying into the corner before mixing them into some rice and vegetables. 

Everyone was served stir fry vegetables and given a bowl of the rice. The chefs then started to cook the fresh meat and fish on the hot plates before dishing it out to the right customers. 

I chose a vegetarian meal made of aubergine. The aubergine was cooked in the kitchen and brought out to me but I was still served the chips, vegetables and rice to go with it. The chefs were also careful to cook the vegetables before the meat and to dish out my rice first before any meat came into contact with the hot plate.

There are kids meals available but my kids chose to share an adult meal. They were served as much rice, chips and vegetables as the rest of us and the meat was split between their plates but as portion sizes are so big this was more than enough food!

Personally I am glad we chose not to have starters as we all had plenty of food. The food was delicious, fresh, hot and entertaining. 

Oh I almost forgot the most exciting part! They set fire to the hot plates! The kids loved this! 

Someone on our table had a birthday too and they were brought a small desert with a candle and a whole host of chefs sang a birthday song whilst banging pots and pans.
We will be back….many times!

Taking a child with an ASD to Sapporo Teppanyaki?
The tables are shared so if your child doesn’t like sitting next to strangers then make sure you seat them in the middle of you.
The meal is entertaining and child friendly.
There is a lot going on.
It may be wise to explain the chip throwing and fire lighting to your child before getting there so they know what to expect.
The show is the same and if not, very similar each time you go so if, like us, you decide to go more than once your child will come to know the routine.
The pot banging is very noisy, ear defenders may be needed and if you see a birthday candle put them on quick!
There is comfy seating near the bar area, away from the tables if your child needs a break.

Sapporo Teppanyaki has three restaurants located in Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. Their website is: It is advisable to book online or by phone before arriving to ensure you get a table as they can get quite busy

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