Harrods Toy Department, London

A shop may not seem the best place for an adventure but Harrods isnt any normal shop and the toy department, once you have found it, is a great place to spend half an hour.

The majority of the toys are out of our  budget so we treated it more like an interactive museum!

Shop workers demonstrate products and try to sell them to your child. My daughter managed to get her nails done and a glitter tattoo. They made stickers, blew bubbles and played with remote controlled vehicles. 

We explored the sweet shop, took selfies with the lego models and oggled at a £13000 plastic playhouse!

Taking a child with autism to Harrods Toy Department?

Toys can be expensive and if you allow your child to watch or be involved with a demonstration they will be told they can buy the product.

You need to walk through a big department store to get to the toy department.

The toy department is lit by artificial light and is also very busy and loud with lots going on.

There are toys to play with.

My autistic child chose to stay outside with the dog (and another adult) rather than subject himself to the shop.

The nearest tube station to Harrods is Knightsbridge on the Piccadilly line. Use the Brompton Road exit for Harrods.

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