One theme park in Florida we had never tried was legoland. We had been to Legoland Windsor so thought we would go and see how the one in Florida compared.

The one thing Legoland Florida does have (apart from the weather!) over LegoLand Windsor is the water park and to be honest the idea of a lazy river where you can build your own raft was very appealing to me!

When we picked up our maps we were also given our big 1st Visit badges which was fun.

The park has many similar attractions to LegoLand Windsor with the driving school and fire station, as well as some of the roller coasters. It also has a boat driving school that we enjoyed very much. 

One of the childrens favourite rides was a boat ride in the world of Chima where they could shoot water at watching parents and get absolutely soaked!

There are three small roller coasters which are fun for older children.
The Lego Friends area was good with a themed bigger ride.

The model area is great with Lego Star Wars characters and also American city scapes and a great model of Kennedy Space Center. 

Lunch was in the pizza and pasta restaurant with unlimited food and drink. It was fairly average and possibly not worth the price but saying that the kids loved it!

After lunch we visited the water park.
Compared to other Florida waterparks, it isn’t massive and is very much aimed at smaller children but there are activities that make it unique and worth a visit.

The lazy river is full of floating bricks and having chosen your raft you are able to collect bricks on the way round and build onto it. It can be fairly tricky to get the bricks to stick and getting out the raft is frowned upon by the lifeguards. The kids discovered that every time a coloured raft goes past a lifeguard they have to stand up so had fun collecting coloured rafts and going past the poor lifeguards one by one!

The small wave pool is made more fun by the addition of yet more floating bricks to build with and hold onto while you bob about on the waves.

We also liked the little building area where you can build a small lego boat to sail.

Other than that, there are around 4-6 larger slides and although there were no queues at all, the kids decided the ride down wasn’t really worth the walk up so we only tried one slide and went back to building rafts in the wavepool.

We only needed one day to do both Legoland and the water park. I would say that really they are aimed at younger children. We took children aged 8, 10 and 12, the 10 and 12 year old enjoyed some of the bigger rides but the 8 year old loved the whole park.  The theming is great and we did have a lot of fun. It is worth visiting once and I’m glad we have been.

Taking a child with autism to LegoLand Florida?

A Hero Pass is available for guests with disabilities. The pass enables you to access ten rides without queuing. You need to chose the rides with the biggest queues to use the pass and go to the exit, where a team member will greet you, stamp your pass, and let you on the ride.
The water park queues were fairly short or non existent so although there was not a pass available it wasn’t needed.

There are plenty of rest areas in the park and places to escape to. This year the park introduced quiet rooms for guests with autism spectrum disorders. These rooms are equipped with sensory toys, ear defenders, weighted blankets and of course, Lego! 

If your child likes lego then this theme park is definitely worth a visit.

LegoLand Florida can be found at: and tickets can be purchased online.


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