Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, Orlando, Florida.

We were invited to Lord Mansfield’s annual fox hunt banquet. Little were we to know that not only would someone be brutally murdered whilst we were there, but also my daughter and I had to be a part of it! 
When we arrived we were able to help ourselves to the small hors d’oeuvres, buy a drink from the bar if we so pleased and sit down to wait for Jeffries the butler to show us into the dining room.

The experience started as soon as we walked in the room with all the staff being in character and helping to set the atmosphere.

We were seated on a round table within easy view of the stage. We helped ourselves to the salads, dinner rolls, crackers and cheese spread and had a read of the notes about the characters.  Drinks were served in big jugs so you could help yourself when needed. 

Once everyone was seated the stage show began. The show itself was funny and involved some audience participation which I won’t give away here. Before we went I did worry that it would be too grown up for the kids but they managed to follow the story and understand what they were doing. 

While the show was going on we were served our pre-ordered mains which were delicious and we made notes on all the characters and clues.  

We were given a time to discuss our findings and, as a table, come up with questions we wanted to ask the characters and then each table got to ask their questions. This part of the show is obviously mostly improvised and highly amusing with a bit of banter between characters and guests.
Over desert – the key lime pie was gorgeous- we discussed who we thought was the murderer and wrote it down.
Then, the detective unveiled the actual criminal and awarded fun prizes to those of us who were successful Sleuths!
We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Sleuths and will hopefully return this year to try and solve a different mystery!

Taking a child with autism to Sleuths Mystery Dinners?

There may be a significant wait to be seated. When booking online there is space to write special requests and it might be worth asking to be seated first.
There is a need to sit at the table during the show.
The tables are round and the room is less crowded than most dinner shows. If there are less than eight in your party, you may be required to share a table with another party. Tables work together to come up with questions for the suspects.

You chose and order your food in advance of the show.
If your child is literal you may want to explain before arriving that the show and murder are pretend as the experience is designed so you are part of the show and questioning the suspects.

Sleuths Mystery boasts to be the longest running mystery dinner show in Orlando! The Show is 2 1/2 hour long and there are a variety of mysteries to choose from. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows is located at 8267 International Drive, beside The Orlando Eye. Although you can buy tickets from online companies in England, buying direct from Sleuths at: currently seems to be the cheapest option.

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