Chuy’s restaurant, Florida

We stumbled upon Chuy’s one evening a few years ago and since then we have visited every time we have been in Florida. 
It is quite possibly the best tex mex restaurant in the world, it’s the best we have been to at least.

Chuy’s is an authentic Mexican restaurant where you get to experience the friendly Mexican culture.
The staff are friendly, incredibly attentive and make us feel at home every time we visit, regardless of how busy the restaurant is.

The portions are MASSIVE, often I’m full after my bowl of mouth wateringly fresh guacamole! 

There is a kids menu but my kids tend to share an adult “make your own wraps” as they call it. We just order extra wraps and there is more than enough for both of them to eat.

Often when we have eaten there, someone comes round to make balloon models for a small tip. He will literally make anything you ask for.

If you are ever in the Florida area and you like Mexican food, I would definitely recommend paying Chuy’s a visit. If you go during happy hour there are even free nachos and dips.

If you are lucky enough to visit then dont forget to look up – the ceiling decorations are incredible!

Taking a child with autism to Chuy’s? 

If your child can handle restaurants then yes.
It is busy and loud but very friendly.

There is plenty to look at and it is also possible to be seated outside.

My sons restaurant meal is “make your own wraps” and they serve it here so all is good with us!
Chuy’s website can be found at:

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