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One Wednesday evening we found ourselves in a bank in Manchester trying to steal a famous diamond from Russia. We had exactly an hour, whilst the security system was down, to solve numerous puzzles and get out with the diamond. 
We worked really hard, putting all our brains and team working skills to good use and managing to get out of the bank in the nick of time.
But all too soon we were locked in Professor Thomsons lab. We only had an hour before he was to return, to find a deadly poison that he had stolen so we could stop it being added to the nation’s water supply and save the world! 
Without giving too much away, we had to make our way through his lab, solving clues and puzzles until we managed to find the poison and escape. We managed it just in time!
Lucardo is, according to its website “an adventure, which requires strategic thinking and involves working as a team to solve a mixture of puzzles and riddles” and it’s a great way to spend an hour or two with family or friends.
There were six of us, three adults and three kids and we managed to work really well together to solve the puzzles and succeed in both the games we played. As a team we have played a lot of escape games but Lucardo in Manchester definitely beats them all for us, with the right balance of difficulty and range of puzzle types, and enough to do for each of us to be occupied and feeling useful for the whole game. The two games we played were Contamination and Gem runner.
Hopefully we will be back in the near future to try out their new game, The Dream!

Lucardo with an autistic child?

If your child enjoys puzzles and working things out and is able to understand the concept of an escape game then yes. My son is very academic and into computer games and maths so enjoys the challenges and puzzles in escape rooms. 

lucardo Manchester is based at Virginia House, 5-7 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 5AD. They can be contacted at or on 0161 425 2580. You can book online at

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