Alton Towers and Splash Landings between Christmas and New Year

Christmas was over and new year round the corner when I suddenly came across a brilliant last minute deal to Alton Towers on

The alton towers hotels are normally pretty expensive so I quickly booked and off we went.

We stayed in the Splash Landings hotel in a normal family room. The room had a double bed and bunk beds and a bathroom. It was themed beach style with sand/sea carpet and a pineapple shaped lamp. For the children, the best thing was the ice cream shop just outside the room!

Included in our room rate were tickets to the Splash Landings water park, tickets into Alton towers, evening entertainment and breakfast.

The first evening we paid to eat in the restaurant in the Splash Landings hotel which is an all you can eat buffet. The food was good and childrens prices vary dependant on ages. The re-fillable soft drinks are the expensive part but you can ask for a jug of tap water.

After dinner we checked out the entertainment. There was loads going on. The Splash Landings hotel and the Alton towers hotel are joined and you can walk between them along a walkway through the waterpark. There was entertainment in both hotels so we could choose between live music, childrens disco, giant animals and a childrens cinema. We spent a little while at each and ended up at the cinema with the children watching a film before bedtime while the adults sat at the well placed bar just outside the door. We had a lot of fun just exploring the hotels. From the colourful fishtanks, giant ships and oversized christmas decorations to giant chairs and deckchairs, lego play areas, arcades and lifts that talk to you, there was so much to look at and do.

The next morning, after a yummy buffet breakfast, we chose to go to the waterpark first. It was great fun and we stayed there until lunch time. With it being December the outside area was closed but there was still plently to do and enough to keep everyone happy. There are tube slides, a rollercoaster slide, rapids, pool area, large childrens activity frame with giant tipping bucket, a toddler pool and a jacuzzi.

After lunch we made our way into Alton Towers. Only the childrens parts of the park were open but we did not mind because the tickets were free. The kids spent some time in the aquarium and then we went on the rides in what is now Cbeebies land. There were no queues and the park was decorated for Christmas.

We left exhausted but we had a great one night break and I would definitely consider doing it again!
Alton Towers and Splash Landings with an autistic child?

Alton towers offer discounts for disabled visitors and have a pass you can get if your child cant manage the queues. You do need to bring proof of disability with you in the form of a doctors letter or DLA letter and visit guest services just inside the entrance.

The pass enables your party to enter the rides via the exit providing your child is with you, and get on almost straight away. You will normally have to sit at the back in the disabled seats.

Splash landings also offer a discount and have a wristband you can get for your child. The wristband is not as good as the pass you get in the park as it enables your child and one carer to access the front of the queue for tubes to go on the slides. You still need to queue for the slides after you have the tube and if there are more than two of you in your party you either have to split up or wait around for everyone else to queue for their tubes. The only advantage in this situation is you can wait with your child in a less crowded area, although that could also be achieved by sending someone else to get the tubes. I wouldnt let that put you off the water park though as there is plenty to do other than the slides.

The entertainment in the hotel can be quite noisy but there are quieter areas to explore and lots of fun things to look at. It is however good to have a room to go back to for some down time.

The restaurant, being buffet style, is good for fussy eaters.

As it was Christmas, included in the price of the room were breakfast, tickets to the theme park and water park and all entertainment. I found a same day deal on and paid £69 for a family room in the Splash Landings hotel for up to four people.

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