Horse riding in the snow

Our first trip when we visited lapland in January 2017 was to Ruska Laukka riding stables. 

We arrived at 10am as the sun was starting to rise. We were welcomed and led into a small, warm, homely room with seats and a table and given riding hats to wear. We were each told the name of the horse we were to ride.

We were then led through a door to the stables where our horses were being prepared. Each of us was given a horse to lead out to the large paddock, where we were shown how to adjust the stirrups and get on the horses. The workers patiently showed the children how to control their horses and we had a practice walk around the paddock.

Then it was time for our treck through the snow covered forest. The horses aparently dont mind the snow and either dont have shoes, or have special coated shoes to stop the snow sticking to them. The horses were well looked after. They were very easy to control and well behaved compared to other horses we have ridden.

One of the children needed to be on a lead as he isnt confident enough to ride alone but this was no problem. He was given a small iclandic horse which was lovely.The other children were given help and direction as needed and plenty of patient encouragement.

The treck itself was beautiful. The trees were covered in snow and it was incredibly peaceful and amazing to ride in this environment. 

When the treck was over we were taken back into the first room to warm up and hot “glog”(spicy juice) was served with biscuits.

The owner spent time talking to us and was very friendly.

I would highly recommend visiting this stable if you are in the area, especially in the winter when the landscape and sky is so beautiful.

Ruska Laukka with an autistic child?

Highly recommended if your child is like ours and loves animals! The staff are incredibly patient and good at giving instructions. Enough staff go out on the treck with you to help out and your child can be led if necessary. I would not recommend doing longer than an hour as this was enough, and a calm down and nap was needed afterwards.

The website is: and the friendly owner speaks good English. She can be contacted to book at:

The price for a one hour treck was €35 per person. We paid €40 for the 9 year old as he needed an extra worker to lead his horse for him. Longer trecks and lessons are also available.

The stables are just outside of Kuusamo, Finland. 

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7 thoughts on “Horse riding in the snow

  1. This is the third post of yours I’ve read and I am amazed. The information you provide is succinct and so logical you could be autistic yourself (my highest compliment) yet descriptive and engaging. Apart from the first plane trip you described I want to go to all the places you described. <3

    1. Thankyou! I’m really pleased you like my posts! I try to give information that families will find helpful. Yes, that plane trip was terrible but I would recommend most our adventures! 😊

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