Welcome to Kids on Tour – autism without limits. I started this site 6 years ago with the aim to inspire parents of autistic children and ADHDers to not let neurodiversity limit them, and to go out and explore the world with their kids. I wanted to give as much information as possible to help them do just that. As I explored with my own children, I wrote about our adventures, giving useful information and pictures for others who might want to do the same.


As time has gone on, like many of you, I have had to battle the school system and fight until I felt like I couldn’t keep going. I made it my mission in life to change, if not at least to educate the world to make it an easier and more accepting place to live for everyone.


I have seen amazing things happen through writing our journey.  As a direct result of our visits, attractions have implemented new ways to accommodate neurodiverse guests, making visits easier for people who follow in our footsteps. I have been able to work with schools and teachers, helping them to implement ways to be inclusive and helpful for all pupils and I have had the privilege of helping many parents over the years with their own children.


My children are now teenagers, but we haven’t stopped exploring and making memories. We have just increased our mission. You are more than welcome to explore Kids on tour – autism without limits and join us in our adventures! Feel free to also browse our other initiatives described below.

Winner of the BAPS awards 2 years running, Kids on tour – autism without limits is a site packed full of reviews of holidays, days out, restaurants, accommodations, products and activities. Alongside this there are autism specific posts and posts about our journey.

Do you need help with parenting, navigating the school system, speaking to teachers or trying to get an EHCP or school place? Do you need someone completely independent to support you or take notes in meetings? Do you just need someone to talk to who understands what you are going through? I offer a monthly subscription for 24/7 support whenever you need it. Please email me at star@autismkidsontour.com for more details. 

Famfoodelicious is an initiative started by myself and my son. We both love to cook and love to try new foods so we initially started an instagram account to showcase what we made. We will very soon be starting a youtube channel to go with this where we will be cooking and trying foods as well as doing restaurant reviews.

I have ADHD and this affects me in so many more ways than most people imagine. To try and raise some awareness of what ADHD can be like, and some understanding for parents of ADHDers, I have ventured into the world of TikTok and Instagram. You can also find me on Facebook.

The Right Write is my copy writing and editing business. I am available to hire to write blog posts, books, website copy and any other writing you may need doing. No job is too big or too small so if you need writing or editing work doing then do please check out my website for more information.

Early Years Fun Subscription boxes are themed activity boxes for 3 to 6 year olds or children working at this age. Boxes are available as a monthly subscription or as one off boxes.

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